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Your name is SOLLUX CAPTOR. You are 11 SWEEPS OLD which is the near equivalent of 24 YEARS OLD. You are the self proclaimed GREATEST COMPUTER GENIUS IN EXISTENCE and you tend to PROVE IT to anyone who doubts your claim. You are also an EXTREMELY POWERFUL PSIONIC, something nobody doubts for GOOD REASON. You have a few ANGER ISSUES and tend to be rather violent. Thankfully your moirail is the BEST THERE IS, as such you tend to be VERY PROTECTIVE of her.

(Independant Sollux Captor rp blog may be NSFW at times)

PC Handle: twofoldAnnihilation
Skype: Ask me!
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ardentactualizer asked

ii 2tiill have next two no iidea regardiing anythiing about you whiich ii2 a 2hame really, becau2e ii 2ee you talk two people that we would con2iider mutual friiend2.
maybe one day.

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randomegbert asked
? [[laughs into the sun]]

Not so much “to afraid to say” so much as “yeah i’m never talking to you again so you’ll never hear this”

you dii2gu2t me.
you are the mo2t viile, repugnant, iignorant wa2te of matter the multiiver2e ha2 ever or wiill ever know.
you de2erve none of the good thiing2 that happen two you, ju2t a2 you don’t de2erve any of the people you know a2 friiend2.
you need two grow the motherfuck up and realiize that you know ab2olutely nothiing.
but you won’t. becau2e you refu2e two even begiin two accept the fact that you are not perfect. that you 2tiill have much two learn.
and that your pii22 2orry excu2e at your “blackrom” attempt2 are a very poorly dii2guii2ed “ii want two fuck you but fiir2t ii need an excu2e lol”
the multiiver2e wiill be better for your eventual era2ure from exii2tance. whenever that may be.

8 minutes ago
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Laughs a lot

People probably expected snark or a joke or whatever but NOPE HAVE SOME FEELS

Except Eridan, fuck Eridan

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jadedtear asked

ii’m worriied.
you have a lot of deep-2eated i22ue2 when iit come2 two JD
and 2he’2 my 2ii2ter, my friiend.
and ii’m worriied that you miight never get over your dii2liike and mii2tru2t of her.
and that, eventually, you’ll 2hiift tho2e feeliing2 two me.

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swaggie2cape asked
? ((good luck fricker))

you’re actually pretty attractiive.
you’ve defiiniitely been through 2ome 2hiit and, hone2tly?
ii thiink you miight have dealt wiith iit better than ii diid wiith my 2hiit.
at lea2t you don’t get murderou2 iimpul2e2 when you 2ee certaiin people.
ii’m kiind of jealou2.
not of egbert though, you can fuckiing KEEP that piiece of tra2h.

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colorfuljust1c3 asked
? is there anything sol is hiding cause terezi is hiding stuff fun fun fun

ii’m actually glad the whole blackrom thiing diidn’t work out.
ii kiind of doubt you’d have been able two keep up.
that a2iide ii don’t even thiink ii wa2 all that black for you two begiin wiith but ii’m 2tiill not exactly 2ure what iit ii2 ii felt.

31 minutes ago
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teatimenepeta asked

ii’m 2o 2orry.
ii 2aiid ii would endeavor two get two know you, two talk two you a long whiile ago.
wow look how great a job ii diid at that, huh?
and now ii can really barely briing my2elf two face you becau2e would that make iit wor2e?

34 minutes ago
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machiavvelli asked
? B)

Oh he’s not afraid or unwilling to say anything, he just wants to murder horribly. 8)

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amativecrook asked

ii’m 2tiill iin love wiith you.
and ii really don’t want two be.
becau2e ii know iit’2 2omethiing that wiill never happen.
and you don’t ju2t happen acro22 2iituatiion2 that could hurt you, you actiively look for them.
and ii know ii 2houldn’t be wiith 2omeone 2o 2elf de2tructiive.
but god damn iit all, ii love you 2o much.

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